Robert Pattinson In 'Cosmopolis': First Look!

RPattz and co-star Sarah Gadon appear to be in the back of a cab in photo from David Cronenberg movie.

Robert Pattinson spent eight months on the set of "Breaking Dawn" and was immediately pulled from the set to begin his whirlwind press duties for "Water for Elephants" last month. After perhaps just enough time to take a quick nap, RPattz is now back on a new set: "Cosmopolis," director David Cronenberg's adaptation of the slim Don DeLillo novel.

With production under way, Cronenberg's daughter has posted the first look at Pattinson and Sarah Gadon in character. The photo appears to capture the duo in a cab, though the great majority of the action, or lack thereof, in the book takes place in a limousine. Pattinson plays Eric Packer, a young and rich asset manager who, over the course of one day, manages to lose millions of dollars yet remain oddly detached from it all as his limo plods through horrendous New York City traffic. Gadon portrays Elise, a rich and beautiful heiress who is married to Packer but who doesn't seem to care for him very much at all and who certainly won't sleep with him.

"I had read the script about eight months ago and thought, 'Wow, this is something that hasn't been made in a long time,' "Pattinson told MTV News in March. "Which I think, like 'Water for Elephants' as well, I'm just trying to find that kind of stuff, because what else is the point? There's so much generic, everything's the same. So you might as well attempt to try something different."

When we caught up with him again in April, Rob revealed that he'd been working with a dialect coach to achieve a "very specific accent." But he still hadn't spoken with Gadon about the upcoming project. "I've seen a couple of things she's done," he said. "She's really good."

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