Lil Wayne Producer Was 'Shocked' MC Chose 'How To Love'

Detail talks to MTV News about brand-new Tha Carter IV ballad that finds the Young Money captain crooning.

Be it rap, rock or pop, [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] is on a mission to stretch the boundaries of his music. Just ask Detail, the producer behind Weezy's new Tha Carter IV single "How to Love."

"Wayne is a rock star and he's up for any challenge in the world as long as it feels right," he told MTV News. "He don't ever really discriminate on talent and people; if it feels right, he's up for the challenge."

There was certainly no shying away from breaking new ground on "How to Love." The track features an acoustic guitar lick and a subdued drum pattern. Over it, Wayne sings about topics far sweeter than what his fans may be accustomed to hearing from him. Detail, who went to visit Wayne in Miami after the Young Money CEO was released from his eight-month prison bid, says that the song was recorded in MIA during a session last November.

"We created it in a very organic way; he's a very organic person," said Detail, who also writes songs and performs. "Me and my production team created a couple of tunes that we could deliver to him. I was shocked on his response on that song. Once he responded to it, it wasn't nothing to it but to do it."

The Detroit producer actually used Lil Wayne and Birdman's 2006 single "Leather So Soft" as inspiration for "How to Love." "The crazy part about it was I know Wayne plays guitar. If y'all ever seen the I Am Music Tour, he be playing the guitar. So we created something that was like 'Leather So Soft,' where he could rock out with the guitar.

"We're visual with that type of stuff, so we just created a simple guitar riff that he can play on tour as well, over some 808s, a smooth ballad type of a beat," he explained. "It wasn't nothing special, it was just something that felt strong. That was the type of record that would rock in his iPod and rock in my iPod for days and days and days before the world got a chance to experience the pleasure of something with such organic-ness."

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