'Teen Wolf' Stars Enjoy 'Magical' Hollywood Premiere

'It's just blowing me away,' star Tyler Posey says of show's approaching June 5 debut on MTV.

HOLLYWOOD — While we're still about 10 moons away from the TV premiere of MTV's new series "Teen Wolf" (actually, it's on Sunday, June 5, after the MTV Movie Awards), the show's cast and crew celebrated with a beast of a premiere party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Wednesday night.

It was a reunion of sorts for the cast, who began production on the show more than a year ago. And when MTV News caught up with them on the red carpet, they were equally excited and anxious to unveil the series.

"Dude, it's surreal, man — like, I can't believe it was already over a year ago we filmed the pilot, and it's already here. The show premieres in 11 days, and it's just blowing me away," said actor Tyler Posey, who plays lead lupine character Scott McCall. "I cannot believe how fast it came, and I'm just so stoked. I can't even believe it."

Crystal Reed, who plays Allison Argent (Scott's love interest), was just as thrilled to be standing on the red carpet at the show's premiere party.

"It's really surreal," Reed said. "I drove up this morning and I drove by [Grauman's] Chinese Theatre, and I haven't been in Hollywood that long, and I was thinking about how the tourists view Hollywood — and I felt like that once. But I drove up to my own premiere, and I started crying a little, because it's just such a magical moment for us. And to be with these people, I absolutely, genuinely adore them. My castmates are the best people in the world."

While viewers will get their first look at Scott's full werewolf transformation on June 5, Posey recalled the first time he saw himself in the complete monster makeover.

"It was four and half hours to get in all the makeup," Posey said. "I remember thinking, 'Am I gonna have to do this every day, four and a half hours?' But I think the final look, dude, it's nuts. I was staring at myself for so long in the mirror. And then they would get me in the makeup, shoot, and people would be talking to me, having normal conversations, and I'd look in the mirror and I'd be like, 'How the hell are people having normal conversations with me right now? It's just so weird.' But yeah, it really — it totally gets me into character when I'm in that makeup."