'Glee'-Cap: New Directions Take Manhattan

Of course, the Broadway antics were nothing compared to a perfect 'Klaine' moment in the season finale.

There was much excitement surrounding the "Glee" finale's New York setting this week. But despite the show's use of our hometown, original songs and some Broadway tie-ins, it was a special scene in Ohio that made the episode for us. Rap along, Gleeks!

[Rapping to the tune of "Empire State of Mind."]

So now that "Glee" 's in New York,

I'm stuck in Los Angeles.

They had some extra cash

So they spent it on the end, I guess.

Season two finale

Singin' on the East Coast.

Doing bad Madonna

Soundtrack sales will be toast.

Sneakin' into Broadway,

Someone should arrest their ass.

That's the guy from "Dumb and Dumber."

How they know I got gas?

Will puts them on lockdown

To write new originals.

They just want to party,

But they're there for nationals.

Holy crap, Charice is back.

Her singing voice so rocks,

But she's looking haggard

It's time to get more Botox.

Quinn is super jealous

Of Finn wanting the Berry.

They meet Patti LuPone.

Realistic? Very!

Schue ditches his Broadway dreams,

A soft rocker instead.

Santana's still a lesbian,

And Brittany says, "Let's just be friends."

But no matter how much

I liked "Glee" in my hometown,

Nothing's gonna matter

Once you see what went down.

[A second Jim enters, wearing sunglasses and singing.]

Who cares about New York?

Ohio is where Blaine said, "I love you,"

Kurt said, "I love you too."

Didn't happen in New York.

The finale was doo doo

Until we saw these two.

Who cares about New York?

New York?

New York?

[First Jim raps some more.]

Breakfast at Tiffanys,

Diamonds and a quick bite.

Finn wants Rachel badly,

Woos her with all his might.

Sidewalk serenade,

She declines in front of everyone.

But at the Nationals,

He slipped her some Finn tongue.

New Directions loses,

They end up getting 12th place.

Finn blames kissing on the snub,

Although the song's a disgrace.

They wrote it in one evening,

Much like this final episode.

They don't know where to take things.

I'm sad to see "Glee" implode

But ...

[Jim 2 enters again, singing.]

One hand in the air for my Klaine dearies.

Sam/Mercedes, stop, no one cares clearly.

Darren Criss better come back in the fall,

Get his contract signed today, we all want to see the gays.


[Jim 1 and 2 both sing.]

But not New York.

Scripts a jumble, like all of season two,

Only care about you know who.

Why watch "Glee" in New York?

A sloppy ending frustrates you

Until Klaine's "I love you."

Don't come back to New York,

Stick a fork

In New York.

And that was "Glee."