Taylor Swift Wants To Thank Fans 'Personally' On Speak Now Tour

'I hope people leave the concert feeling like they know you better,' she tells MTV News.

It's a big week for [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist]. Not only did she premiere her "Story of Us" video Tuesday on MTV, but she also kicks off her Speak Now Tour on Friday in Omaha, Nebraska. When MTV News' Sway sat down with the country/pop superstar following her video premiere, she let fans in on what to expect from the stadium show.

"We get to have such groovy, cool stuff happening," she said. "I've never had pyro before. I've never had aerialists before. It's got this grand staircase. The stage in itself looks like an old-world theater. I can't believe we get to play stadiums. I'm so excited about this tour. I want to live on that stage. I hope people leave the concert feeling like they know you better."

Swift looks at this tour as the ultimate "thank you" letter to her fans for the success Speak Now has had. "That's why I'm so blown away. That's why I can't wait to go out on tour and thank them personally," she said.

Before the official tour kickoff, Swift gave some lucky fans a taste of the show during a charity event last Saturday in Nashville. She opened up her final Speak Now dress rehearsal to fans and gave the proceeds to tornado victims.

"It was one of the coolest things. Honestly, we thought our first show was going to be a week later, [but] watching the news and seeing the damage, it was just really emotional for me and a lot of the dancers and crew," she recalled. "So I felt like, if there was any way I could help out, why not sell tickets to that? And so it turned out it was something we could do. Putting on, pretty much, our first show and having it go so well [and making] over $750,000, it was so exciting."

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