Cobra Starship Say Clubby 'You Make Me Feel' Is 'Easier To Digest'

With first song from upcoming Night Shades album, band aims for a hotspot gig in Ibiza.

When [artist id="2402281"]Cobra Starship[/artist] returned earlier this month with "You Make Me Feel ...," a walloping slab of club thump, starry synths and blurry, whirry vocal tics, some fans were left scratching their heads. This most certainly wasn't the band they had grown to love ... in fact, the song recalls nothing as much as it does "Good Girls Go Bad," Cobra's biggest, clubbiest hit to date.

Though, for frontman Gabe Saporta, those complaints are nothing new. In fact, he's been hearing them ever since he launched the Starship way back in 2006.

"Every record we've put out, from the first Cobra record, with people complaining about Midtown, to the second, when it became a band, from the second to the third, there's always people who say, 'Oh, it doesn't sound like the old Cobra,' " Saporta told MTV News on Monday on the set of the "Feel ..." video in New York. "And the biggest thing I can say is, if you listen to our whole record ... [the songs are] so varied. And on top of that, I hate to quote our old songs, but, 'We really just came here to make you dance tonight, we don't care if you're a guilty pleasure.' "

Indeed. And while some fans may be puzzled by the club-friendly sound of "Feel ...," well, Cobra want you to know that there's plenty else to love on the upcoming Night Shades album ... provided they finish it, of course.

"I think [this song is] a little easier to digest for the fans of ours that only knew 'Good Girls ...,' whereas on the record, there's quite a bit more variety, and I don't think there's necessarily much else that sounds like this one," guitarist Ryland Blackinton said. "Of course, we're still working on it."

And so, with Shades due this summer ("We didn't specify which year," bassist Alex Suarez laughed), Cobra are buckling down to put the finishing touches on the project ... after they finish shooting the "Feel ..." video, of course. And in keeping with the song's theme, the clip is a very clubby, carefree affair, featuring a cameo by up-and-coming singer Sabi. And all of those things should go a long way toward helping them fulfill a lifelong goal: a summer in sunny, sultry Ibiza.

"One of our goals in making this record is that we wanted to do a residency in Ibiza, and we've never been there, so hopefully this will help us segue to that part of our career," Saporta said.

"I've also never had a tan, so that would be cool," Blackinton laughed.

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