Cali Swag District Release M-Bone Tribute 'How To Do That'

JayAre, C-Smoove Da General and Yung pay respects to murdered comrade.

The surviving members of [artist id="3573337"]Cali Swag District[/artist] have released a tribute song in honor of the late M-Bone. The song, titled "How to do That," was released Monday (May 23), a little over a week since M-Bone was murdered while sitting in his car on North La Brea Boulevard in his hometown of Inglewood, California.

JayAre, C-Smoove Da General and Yung perform on the tribute, which recalls fond memories of their fallen group member, over a beat outfitted with cavernous drums and creeping keys. "Then a n---a did you wrong/ On your way to get a blunt, you shoulda put it in a bong/ M-Bone lives through me, Smoove and Yung/ So when we all turned up, he still having fun," JayAre raps on the first verse.

Yung lyrically concurs that M-Bone (born Mante Talbert) brought energy integral to the group when on the third verse, he raps, "If Bone wasn't going to the club, then we all stayed/ The life of the party, everybody knew that."

The refrain "M-Bone! Show these cats how to do that/ Cats how to do that/ Cats how to do that" serves as the song's chorus.

M-Bone's funeral services are being held Friday at Faithful Central on 333 W. Florence Avenue in Inglewood, and fans have been invited to attend.

Despite reports that the "Teach Me How to Dougie" rapper was embroiled in a beef with "a jealous man" that lived in his apartment complex, there is still neither no clear motive for M-Bone's shooting nor have any arrests been made. The Inglewood Police Department is asking anyone with information to come forward and call its homicide division at (310) 412-5246 or its 24-hour anonymous hotline number, (888) 41CRIME, or (888) 412-7463.