New Boyz Explain Khloe Kardashian Lyric On 'Better With The Lights Off'

Ben J and Legacy talk about their Chris Brown-assisted Too Cool to Care single.

[artist id="3276176"]New Boyz[/artist] love the ladies — especially in the dark, as exhibited on their new Chris Brown-assisted single, "Better With the Lights Off."

Upon first listen, the Cali duo's second single off their recently released album, Too Cool to Care, might seem a bit brash, but the group insists that they mean no harm. "A lot of girls are like, 'You guys are mean on this track,' " Ben J told MTV News.

His partner, Legacy, chimed in: "We're not being mean. It's just we were telling the girl: she looks beautiful, she's cute, but at the end of the day, she looks better with the lights off."

Rather than be taken as an insult, Legacy said the song is meant to reveal their end-of-the-night fantasy, in which they hope to end their fantasy date between the sheets, in the dark. "We were just hinting our intentions, so that's what that song is about," he explained. "Once you listen to the lyrics, you'll be like, 'Oh, it's not a mean record.' "

One of the song's lyrics, referring to two of the Kardashian sisters, is sure to raise eyebrows. At the end of the track's first verse, Legacy spits, "Every guy wants to know how it is/ To clap off the lights and turn Khloé to Kim."

"Khloé is a beautiful girl. Like we were saying, you look beautiful, but you look better with the lights off," Legacy explained. "All I'm saying is, with that line, was you can get any type of girl, and when you clap off the lights, let your imagination run free and you can turn her into anybody you want."

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