Lady Gaga's 'Bloody Mary' 'Is Bold,' Born This Way Producer Says

'It's a beautiful song,' Fernando Garibay tells MTV News about the new Gaga track.

Lady Gaga has mixed up a "Bloody Mary" for her fans on Born This Way, which was released on Monday (May 23). The song sits at #8 on the album's track list, sandwiched between "Scheiße" and "Bad Kids."

The track is a dark, electro-pop tune about religion and art, putting into context a relationship Gaga is in where she plays the part of Bloody Mary, a character based in both urban legend (a ghostly figure that might appear if you say her name three times while looking into a mirror) and history (England's Queen Mary I, who burned religious radicals at the stake during the Marian Persecutions).

Born This Way musical producer Fernando Garibay recently chatted with MTV News about how Lady Gaga and her team recorded "Bloody Mary" while in his Los Angeles recording studio, where Mother Monster put the finishing touches on many of the album's tracks. According to Garibay, the synthy tune infused with lyrics in French was developed from a track that was put together by Born This Way co-producer DJ White Shadow.

"Another super cool record. This is another one that started on a White Shadow track," he recalled. "I remember [Gaga] played this to me in Australia and we sat down and ... opened up the track and she started singing [the melody and lyrics] to it."

From there, he, Gaga and White Shadow put their stamp on the song. "We came back and added a few more parts to it and facilitated with the production of the record," he explained. "Again, it stayed pretty much intact as the original demo. It's a beautiful song. It's very personal to her. It's pretty bold."

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