Lady Gaga Sports Pregnant Belly On ‘Saturday Night Live’

Star performs with fake baby bump on Justin Timberlake-hosted season finale.

As “Saturday Night Live” wrapped up its 36th season, the show let the evening’s megastar guests, [artist id=”3061469″]Lady Gaga[/artist] and [artist id=”1231683″]Justin Timberlake[/artist], take the reins; a move that meant a revisit of some of JT’s classic “SNL” gags and a live television moment only Mother Monster could deliver.

JT started the show insisting that he wouldn’t be singing during his latest
appearance, only to segue into a ditty during which he busted out his
signature falsetto, serenaded a blushing audience member and brought it on
home with some soulful trills.

But JT didn’t stay on the anti-singing kick for long, popping up in the
first sketch as an overeager street marketer in a beer-bottle costume armed
with booze-friendly versions of pop hits. Going up against side-eyes from a
prudish, tea-shilling Kristen Wiig, Timberlake countered with pro-imbibing
jams like a revamp of DJ Khaled’s “All I Do Is Win.” Lady Gaga got in on the
action, too, tottering on set in a snug vine-swathed frock with goblet-shaped
glove thingys to join Timberlake for reboot of B.o.B and Hayley Williams’
smash “Airplanes,” crooning, “I could really use a drink right now.” The
pair then belted “too much merlot” to Flo Rida’s “Low” before switching up
the easy-listening staple “Endless Love” to “Endless Buzz,” with lines like,
“No one can deny/ This hooch I have inside.”

Gaga also showed off her comedic skills in a digital short alongside
Timberlake and Andy Samberg. After getting some sugar from mature vixens
Patricia Clarkson and Susan Sarandon, JT and Samberg hit the streets in
Color Me Badd fresh jumpsuits and leather bombers only to both show up at
Gaga’s door clutching Alize and Bartles & Jaymes. Looking Sheneneh chic in gold hoops and a gaudy getup, the pop supernova welcomed them in for an ode to the m&#233nage a trois. “You’re my best friend through thick and thin and now it’s time to make a triple connection,” the crew belted. “It’s OK when it’s in a three-way. It’s not gay when it’s in a three-way!”

Gaga’s first onstage performance began with a much more subdued tone. Banging
away on a striped grand piano with a silvery crescent-shaped headdress, the
songstress showed off her fiery vocals with an impassioned rendition of
“Edge of Glory.” Then Mother
Monster ditched the intimate vibe — and the headpiece — for a
club-ready performance of her speaker-rattling single “Judas.” Dancers in
dark kilts and strappy, belted bodices backed up Gaga, who coordinated her
two-toned locks, shiny black body suit and thigh-high boots with the striped
stage. After flexing some of the video’s high-energy choreography, Gaga
retreated to a ladder on the side of the set for a bit before launching back
into the punchy moves.

JT and Gaga kept cranking out the laughs as the songstress owned Timberlake
in a celebrity edition of “What’s That Name?” While Timberlake handily
identified animated ’90s Paula Abdul collaborator MC Skat Kat, the
singer/actor blanked on the name of a bubbly hook-up from two weeks ago, and
even struck out on Taran Killiam as Timberlake’s fellow ’NSYNC member Chris
Kirkpatrick. Grinning in a latex blazer and bra, Gaga easily remembered a
fan she met in passing, schooled JT on the purpose of his charity and
rattled off names of the stage crew and audience.

Timberlake put his growing acting skills to work in every sketch, creeping
out Jason Sudeikis as a handsy member of a robotic barbershop trio on a
hokey carnival ride, sparring with Bill Hader’s decrepit local news
correspondent and continuously flubbing the retro “Secret Word” game as a
campy magician peddling crusty tricks.

For her last onstage trick, Gaga revisited the futuristic birth theme of her February Grammy performance of “Born This Way,” revving up the performance with some S&M touches. Once again, the superstar emerged from an egg-shaped structure, this time however the vessel was adorned with caviar-like lumps. Gaga hit the stage in a cropped latex top with voluminous shoulders and second-skin leggings as fog encircled the singer and her crew. Swapping out the flesh-tone tunics from the Grammy performance for shiny belly-baring tops and slashed culottes, the dancers rocked the choreography as Gaga whipped her blonde ponytail around. Enveloped by her dancers for an onstage costume change, Mother Monster ramped up the drama by getting outfitted with a prosthetic latex-covered pregnancy belly. Gaga vamped it up in the fake baby bump as her crew hoisted her onto a throne and caressed her body, and glitter rained onto the pop diva.

The show closed with a cameo appearance from “SNL” alum and late-night host
Jimmy Fallon for the “Barry Gibb Talk Show.” Timberlake reprised his role as
apathetic sidekick Robin Gibb to Fallon’s jumpy, karate-chopping Barry as he
grilled guests about the U.S. debt. JT stayed largely mum as Fallon
continued to wig out, only piping up to briefly harmonize, “We suckled at
the same teat!” Yet Timberlake was quick to revive Fallon when he froze
during a signature freak-out. When the comedian came to, Fallon exclaimed,
“I survived the Rapture!”

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