'American Idol' Fans Divided Over Haley Reinhart's Elimination

'Haley has talent, but I think there is a limited audience for a blues singer,' 'Idol' watcher Vicky writes.

It was clear that Haley Reinhart was disappointed by Thursday night's result on "American Idol," which sent her home after one of the strongest runs in the show's 10-season history.

But just as her seesaw journey on the show went from visiting the bottom three four times to coming within spitting distance of next week's finale, her exit elicited very mixed, often opposing reactions from the dozens of readers who posted comments on the MTV News website.

"Haley has talent, but I think there is a limited audience for a blues singer," wrote Vicky, who was looking forward to next week's showdown between the two country teens, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery. But Camara was just not having it, keyboard howling, "nnnnnnnnnnooooooooo," even as Angel lamented that the second spot should have been reserved for Reinhart, because "Lauren is good but she doesn't have the range Haley has."

Some complained about the "popularity contest" aspect of the show or thought Reinhart shouldn't have gotten as far as she did, saying she was never as good as she thought or as talented as the other finalists, while Lorri vehemently disagreed, saying the finale should have pitted Haley against James Durbin. "Haley and James are the most talented and original singers in the competition," she opined. "What a shame that the most talented and original singers were eliminated."

Dee took issue with what some saw as Reinhart's not-so-gracious reaction to the bad news on Thursday, calling the singer's obvious disappointment at elimination "rude, inconsiderate and verrrry ugly."

Many just said they were done with the show, angry that a talent like Reinhart didn't make the cut, incensed that people were dissing Reinhart for what they perceived as her haughty attitude (instead of focusing on her singing), adamant that the voting system needs an overhaul and, like Michele, even madder at America for getting it "so so wrong."

Alex agreed and lamented that "as usual" the most talented singer was sent home. "She was not boring like the other two and she was just such a better performer," he said. "Now I will not watch the finale because it will be sooooooooo boring with the two country singers because that's all they can sing. Haley could sing anything and sing it well. She will become more famous then the other two anyways."

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