Scotty McCreery Wins 'American Idol' Finale Coin Toss, Defers To Lauren Alaina

Lauren chooses to sing the last song on Tuesday's 'Idol' performance finale after Scotty lets her do the honors.

After securing a spot in next week's "American Idol" finale, Scotty McCreery proved that chivalry is not dead. When the lights went out on the hour-long "Idol" elimination episode that saw blues growler Haley Reinhart sent packing, McCreery and fellow finalist Lauren Alaina joined host Ryan Seacrest for the traditional coin toss to determine the performance order for Tuesday night's final sing-off.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the coin featured Scotty's face on one side and Lauren's on the other and when it landed on the McCreery side the country crooner showed off his good Southern boy roots and deferred to Alaina.

He asked if she would rather sing first or second and Lauren, wisely, chose second, meaning that hers will be the last song you hear during the performance finale. Like a football team that prefers to receive rather than kick off, it was a savvy move on Alaina's part given that the person who performs last usually has as advantage ... and the Georgia songbird is going to need all the help she can get against the overwhelming favorite.

Though it's been several seasons since an "American Idol" champ smashed the charts, both teens can take heart in some other news about their career prospects, courtesy of another pair of Southern-born winners.

Both of them may be interested to learn that the show's only breakout country winner, Carrie Underwood, is now officially the biggest earner in "Idol" history. The Reporter revealed that as of this past Monday, Underwood surpassed season-one champ Kelly Clarkson in total career sales, selling an impressive 12,296,000 albums and more than 18,482,000 digital tracks since she celebrated her season-four victory. (By comparison, Clarkson has sold 10,600,000 albums and 15,900,000 digital tracks.)

With a stronger tour presence, Underwood has also lapped Clarkson on the road, pulling in more than $66 million since 2006 to Clarkson's $32 million since her 2002 win.

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