'Twilight' Star Kellan Lutz Relished 'Normal Guy' Role In New Movie

Playing a newlywed opposite Mandy Moore in 'Love Wedding Marriage' was 'quite nice,' he tells MTV News.

Although Kellan Lutz is perhaps best known for his role as brawny vampire Emmett Cullen in the "Twilight" films, the 26-year-old has started to branch out a bit, with roles in the upcoming action-adventure film "Immortals" and the romantic comedy "Love Wedding Marriage," which co-stars Mandy Moore.

In "Love Wedding Marriage," Lutz plays a "normal guy" for once, so when we caught up with him at the film's premiere, we had to ask how it felt to tackle a real-life character versus an undead one, as well as what new side of Lutz we'll see in the rom-com.

"You see more of the normal guy side [of me] I guess," Lutz told MTV News. "My character, Charlie, struggles with being a newlywed husband and the marital bliss of all that, and hoping he'll get more and get some fun action," he explained with a grin. "And his wife [Moore] is kind of preoccupied, trying to save her parents' marriage and he gets frustrated, as most males do."

Lutz went on to say that stepping into the role of a real person, versus the pale makeup of a vampire, was a welcome change of pace. "I was playing a normal dude, which is quite nice to play," he said. "I've been trying a bunch of different roles and enjoying every experience, especially the 'Twilight' ones, but it's been great to actually be on set everyday and challenge myself and work with bigger and better actors and directors; it was a really fun, challenging experience," he said of working on the Dermot Mulroney-directed film.

"Love Wedding Marriage" opens in limited release on June 3.

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