Nas Explains Why He Doesn't Veer From His 'Timeless' Flow

'I hear it in a lot of people and it reminds me how timeless it is,' the Queensbridge MC tells MTV News.

[artist id="1000"]Nas[/artist] has been in the studio working with Def Jam labelmate Frank Ocean but fans should be relieved to learn he's also working on his own new album as well.

While there aren't many details yet about his forthcoming 10th solo album, in an exclusive sit-down last week, MTV News' Sway got the Queensbridge MC to open up about why he prefers not to stray too far from his lyrical comfort zone.

"I like to stay doing me," Nas said. "I think the style is timeless. I hear it in a lot of people and it reminds me how timeless it is, the kind of style I do. And once I hit it, and it's right, it's golden. If I'm a little off with it? Ahh, I can't even listen to the song ever again. I'm just trying to perfect it so that it's right and it doesn't sound like I'm just doing something I [already] did. It feels fresh; like this is the first time I'm ever doing it."

Critics have heaped critical praise on Nas ever since his Illmatic debut was deemed a classic back in 1994. But the "Hate Me Now" MC has still been endured his fair share of criticism over the years. And he may be his own worst critic.

"My last record, I can pick a song or two, or three that I could have did without," Nas said, referring to 2008's Untitled. "And there's songs that I left off the album that I should have put on [it]. We all go through that. So with this record I want to be able to put it on and listen to the whole thing."

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