Johnny Depp And Penelope Cruz Have 'Great Chemistry,' Says 'Pirates' Producer

'You can't spar with Johnny unless you're brilliant,' Jerry Bruckheimer says.

Over the course of three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, Johnny Depp's swashbuckling hero, Jack Sparrow, has experienced some flirtatious moments with seafaring ladies played by Keira Knightley and Zoe Saldana. But nothing ever came of those encounters, and as Depp himself told us, the latest film in the series, "On Stranger Tides," won't have Jack falling in love because that would leave the pirate "completely catatonic and unable to speak."

That's not a very fun way to spend two hours at the cinema, is it? Nonetheless, the new movie has Sparrow experiencing his most amorous encounters yet as he reunites with Penélope Cruz's Angelica, a former flame for whom, Jack embarrassingly confesses in the film, he once had "stirrings."

Cruz actually shot the film while pregnant, but as producer Jerry Bruckheimer explained, that never got in the way of their work. "She worked so hard, you never knew she was pregnant because her energy level was great, her performance was great and there is such great chemistry between Johnny and Penélope," he said. "They actually really do like each other. They worked together 10 years ago [on 'Blow']. You see that chemistry onscreen."

Indeed, from the very first time they share a scene, the duo is either sword fighting or flirting or screaming or embracing — each word or movement cut through with the simmering need to, well, jump each other's bones. Not that such a thing ever happens in this Disney-backed affair, but it's certainly fun to watch them squirm.

"You need someone like Penélope, who's an Academy Award winner, to go up against Johnny Depp, because if they're not as good as she is, you can see it right away," Bruckheimer said of introducing her character to the franchise. "You can't spar with Johnny unless you're brilliant."

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