Kanye West And Jay-Z's Watch The Throne Is 'Worth The Wait,' Swizz Beatz Says

'It's really shaping up into a masterpiece,' producer tells MTV News.

The standards for [artist id="1269"]Jay-Z[/artist] and [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist]'s collaborative Watch the Throne album are pretty high, but for producer [artist id="1161216"]Swizz Beatz[/artist], the unfinished project has already impressed him.

"Man. All I gotta say is man. Ooh-wee," Swizz squealed with excitement.

The "On to the Next One" producer confirmed that he has already contributed tracks to Watch the Throne and that he may land more before the project is done. "I'm getting up there. Give me another week," he teased.

It was August 2010 when Kanye first announced the album on Twitter, and though Watch the Throne still doesn't have a set release date, Swizzy believes that it will satisfy fans' hunger.

"That album is also worth the wait as well," he said of Watch the Throne while referencing Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox, another album Swizz has heard in advance.

"In this last month or so, it's really shaping up into a masterpiece," he said of the Jay/'Ye collabo. "There's songs on there that's making you go crazy."

Swizz didn't want to give too much away, however, out of respect for West's and Hov's artistry. "That album is amazing, but I have to let those guys talk about that, because that's their expression. All I can tell you is it passed the bar."

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