'Glee' Stars Talk 'Funeral' Episode

'There's going to be a death in the cast and the person that dies is very important in the show,' Chord Overstreet reveals.

Next week, the New Directions will be taking their antics to New York City for the finale of "Glee," but this week the group is mourning the loss of one of their own in the episode aptly titled "Funeral."

MTV News had the pleasure of catching up with "Glee" stars Chord Overstreet and Jenna Ushkowitz at the Fox upfront on Monday in New York City, where they opened up about the emotional episode airing Tuesday night (May 17). "There's eight of the 'Glee' kids that are definitely not dying, and then the other four you're gonna have to guess," Overstreet teased. "The four that it's going to be down to, it's going to be down to Lea [Michelle], Cory [Monteith], Schuester [Matt Morrison] and Jane Lynch, those guys are up.

"I'm kidding," he continued about any of those people actually dying on the show. "There's going to be a death in the cast and the person that dies is very important in the show and that's all I can say. Everyone's going to be surprised, but I think it shows a dramatic side to everybody in the cast. It's a good episode; it's really strong."

Ushkowitz went on to confirm who doesn't die. "Somebody does die ... Tina Cohen-Chang [Ushkowitz's character] does not die," she laughed. "I don't die. Anything is possible, but I don't think any of us expected a funeral on the show."

She added that while castmembers were going around set worried that they might be knocked off, fans will be surprised by who bids a final fond farewell on the show. "So it definitely was shocking. At first, we were all scared [it might be us], but it's kind of shocking [regardless], and I think that's kind of why we did it. I think [fans will definitely be] shocked and I don't think anyone expected anyone to die, and it affects everyone, everybody in the cast. It'll be interesting to see what people think."

Who do you think will die on the episode? Share your guesses in the comments.