Angelina Jolie And Jack Black Tout Live-Action Collabo

' 'Hot Number and the Clown' might be the title,' Black jokes to MTV News about the duo's rom-com potential.

In two "Kung Fu Panda" films, Angelina Jolie and Jack Black go paw to paw — she as a badass tiger, he as a noodle-loving panda — sometimes as fierce rivals, sometimes as reluctant allies. The first animated tale grossed more than $630 million worldwide and, if everything goes according to DreamWorks' plan, the second will do equally big business when it begins rolling out across the globe in late May.

Clearly Jolie and Black make for a winning cinematic combination, which raises the question: Might this blockbuster duo team up for a live-action adventure? When we put that query to them at the Cannes Film Festival, it at first didn't seem as if the possibility had even been discussed.

"We haven't really talked in a joking way, we haven't talked it in any type of way," Black said.

But when Jolie confessed, "I'd love to," Black was off and running.

"That benefits me. What project could we do together?" he asked, before adding. "Oh, we did talk about it a little bit, because Jerry Lewis did a really funny movie with Shirley MacLaine. She was a hot number and he was just a clown, and I thought that could work for us too."

The film he was referring to is the 1955 musical, "Artists and Models," a sort of comedy of errors involving comic books, horoscopes and a ton of sexual tension between MacLaine and Lewis.

"That sounds good," Jolie said.

Black even had a title in mind for the potential collaboration. " 'Hot Number and the Clown' might be the title," he told her.

"I'd love to do something with Jack," she responded.

Should Angelina and Jack team up for a live-action comedy? Tell us in the comments!

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