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Prodigy Reveals How He And Nas Made Up

'[Nas is] the man out there,' the Mobb Deep rapper tells MTV News about his frequent collaborator.

Nas and the recently reunited Mobb Deep have a longstanding relationship, but it hasn't always been all good. Since breaking out of New York's Queensbridge housing projects in the mid-1990s, Nas and Mobb Deep have sometimes collaborated and sometimes beefed through the years. In an exclusive interview with MTV News, Mobb Deep rapper Prodigy revealed that while he was imprisoned and writing his new autobiography, "My Infamous Life," he and Nas weren't seeing eye to eye. Though Pee didn't elaborate on their past problems, he did say that they have since patched up their differences.

"When I was writing this book, when I was locked up, Nas and myself we weren't on good terms," explained Prodigy. "That didn't make me write anything crazy about him, I just told the story how I seen it. If you read the book, you'll see that I gave Nas crazy love ... He's like my mentor if you read the book. I look up to him through the whole book, from beginning to end."

In "My Infamous Life," however, Prodigy does write about the differences between him and Nas' affiliates, as well as the run-ins that their respective crews have had together. Prodigy also recalls battling Nas as youngsters in Queensbridge. Through the years, the two acts have collaborated on songs like Mobb's "Eye for an Eye" and Nas' "Live N---a Rap." There have been a number of barbs thrown back and forth, as well, particularly on Nas' 2001 song "Destroy and Rebuild."

After coming home from his three-year prison bid this past March, Prodigy called Nas and extended an olive branch. "When we make songs together, man, it's another level, it's incredible music. It just gives you that feeling, like nostalgia almost," Prodigy said of Mobb Deep's past collaborations with the God's Son rapper. "The music is just real powerful when Mobb Deep and Nas work together. So I said, 'We gotta keep that feeling going, man. We would be fools to stop doing that because of whatever petty bullsh-- that was going on.' "

Nas agreed and together he and Mobb Deep recorded "Dog Sh--," a song that was leaked onto the Internet in April. According to Prodigy, fans can expect to hear more new music from the Queens MCs. "We put that aside and was like, 'All right, let's start doin' some music.' We had the 'Dog Sh--' and made a couple of other joints that's crazy."

With their differences seemingly behind them, Prodigy gives Nas the ultimate respect and paid homage to his legacy. "Nas is like King Queensbridge, he's the man out there."

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