Lil Wayne's 'John' Video Has Some 'Crazy Stuff' In It, Director Says

Colin Tilley says Wayne wanted a vibe similar to Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now' clip.

After last month's false start, Lil Wayne's "John" video is finally ready for public viewing. In April, an unfinished version of the video featuring Rick Ross leaked to the Internet but was quickly pulled. The finished version was released Friday (May 13) on Lil Wayne's Vevo page. Earlier in the week, MTV News caught up with the video's director, Colin Tilley, to get his take on the clip.

"When I first talked to Wayne about the video, we had just done the 'Look at Me Now' video, and he really liked the whole feel of that video, how there was just so much goin' on and just the whole energy and colors and all that," Tilley said of the Chris Brown clip that he and Tunechi worked on together. "That's pretty much what they gave me when they gave me the song. They were like, 'We just love that energy and we want that whole vibe from it.' "

Filmed in Miami, "John" finds Weezy and Ross performing inside an abandoned warehouse and outside on a dock. For a good portion of the video, Rozay raps from a wheelchair with spinners on its wheels. Tilley said there was no specific reasoning behind placing Ross in the chair, it was just what he envisioned when he first heard the song.

Tilley, who was bothered when the video leaked, said that as a director, he ultimately just had to "live with it." But he did talk about the differences between the early release and the finished product. "To me, it's night and day, just because every single shot in the video has something different," he said. "It's got some kind of surprise for everybody's eyes. I like to create an experience when you're watching video. It's got different animals, just crazy stuff."