'Bridesmaids' Stars And Producers Stars Talk Blooper Reel

Stars Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph and producer Judd Apatow discuss the new comedy's fun-filled shoot.

With its all-star cast anchored by "Saturday Night Live" faves Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph, plus the producing expertise of R-rated comedy master Judd Apatow, it is fairly obvious that the new movie "Bridesmaids" is outrageous and hilarious.

MTV News was lucky enough to chat with the talented "Bridesmaids" castmembers and filmmakers recently about a few of the flick's over-the-top moments — Jon Hamm's awkward sex scenes, for example — as well as the number of outtakes that were produced when director Paul Feig and Apatow let a team of gifted comediennes run wild with improvisation. Speaking about the footage that was left on the cutting room floor, we asked Feig and Apatow how long the blooper reel will be in the DVD.

"It's 12 minutes, we know exactly," Apatow said.

"That's right. We just finished with the DVD," added Feig. "Although we could do about 200 hours of stuff if we wanted. We shot a lot of stuff."

Wiig and Rudolph agreed that the 12-minute gag reel is too short.

"There should be a whole long double-disc [version] of the movie," Rudolph suggested.

"We can call it the 'Double D,' " Wiig offered, which inspired Rudolph to come up with the DVD's tagline on the spot.

"You guys like double D's? We're gonna double your pleasure with dees," she joked.

We didn't get the chance to run that idea by Feig and Apatow, but with regard to the actress responsible for creating the most bloopers, Feig revealed that Rose Byrne, who is perhaps best known for her role on the dramatic FX legal thriller "Damages," was the giggle queen.

"Well, Rose was very good at breaking up," he said. "She was so hilarious herself, doing her ad libs, but she was very susceptible to laughing at the other girls."

"[It's] because she's not laughing very much during 'Damages,' " Apatow joked. "Because they're always trying to murder her, or she accidentally murders people and doesn't know it until the end of the season."

"Bridesmaids" opens this weekend.

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