Lady Gaga's 'Edge Of Glory' Inspired By Late Grandfather

Song's co-producer, DJ White Shadow, opens up to MTV News about latest Born This Way track.

Lady Gaga's "Edge of Glory" is a pure pop track about the glory of love, but it seems that those warm, fuzzy feelings come from a very sad place for the pop star. Co-producer DJ White Shadow — who worked on the track with Gaga and Fernando Garibay — shared with MTV News the personal tragedy that sparked the Born This Way song.

"We had just all got back to Europe, after Lady Gaga had taken a break to spend time with her grandfather who was in the hospital, before he passed away. She explained to us that she had written a song about it," he said in an email. "As she often would, she came in with the melody and lyrics. She told us about what an impact the event had on her."

The song not only was poignant for the star, but also White Shadow, who felt really moved by Gaga's track. "We worked on it backstage, changing little things with the melody and lyrics; I don't remember what city to be honest. But I remember crying when I heard her sing it the first time," he recalled. "I also remember them throwing us out of the venue because we were there so late listening to it."

"Edge" is sonically different from "Judas" and the album's title track, but White Shadow said emotionally, the songs are all very similar. "I think you will see a couple really emotional and complex songs on the album. I am so proud of her. She really put a lot of herself into the record; it genuinely hurts me when people take digs at her," he said. "You all know her as this monster, this invincible creature, but she is like my little sister.

"As a person, I know how hard she worked. I watched her put these songs together," he continued. "I know how much work and love she put into this album. I also know how much of it she had to do (to succeed by today's standard) versus what she did do (to succeed by her standard). At any rate, she gets a lot of mud slung at her, and there are a lot of real a--holes out there, trying to sh-- on her and f--- her over to make themselves look good. I just hope, when this record comes out, everyone will see, like I do, her genuine talent, vision, and love for life and her fans."

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