Lady Gaga Talks About Fashion Obsession In V Magazine

After sharing stories about her early career, Gaga writes her first column for the mag.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] pays homage to Japan for V magazine's Asian issue, where Gaga is featured on the cover. Gaga poses on the cover in a Mugler lingerie bodysuit with three heads, two of which feature her wearing makeup made of metal and sequins.

In the interview, Elton John talks to the star about her career and Japan. "I have such beautiful memories of Japan and its people," she says in the issue (10 percent of profits from which will be donated to the country). "And when the earthquake happened, I knew saying something just wasn't enough. The little monsters have raised over $2 million purchasing these prayers bracelets I made myself. Let's connect cultures from around the world and rebuild this beautiful country."

Not only does the issue feature an interview and photo spread with Gaga, it also features her first-ever column for the fashion magazine. Writing in business-memo form, Gaga opens up about her creative process and her ability to tune into the evolution of a pop-culture meme.

Photos of Lady Gaga in V Magazine.

"Glam culture is ultimately rooted in obsession," she says in the opening lines of the article, "and those of us who are truly devoted and loyal to the lifestyle of glamour are masters of its history. Or, to put it more elegantly, we are librarians. ...

"I myself can look at almost any hemline, silhouette, beadwork or heel architecture and tell you very precisely who designed it first, what French painter they stole it from, how many designers reinvented it after them and what cultural and musical movement parented the birth, death and resurrection of that particular trend," she writes in the lengthy note to her fans.

The singer then goes into great detail about her studies in the world of pop culture, explaining, "An expertise in the vocabulary of fashion, art and pop culture requires a tremendous amount of studying. My studio apartment on the LES, quite similar to many of my hotel suites now (knock on wood), was covered in inspiration," she says. "Everything from vintage books and magazines I found at the Strand on 12th Street to my dad's old Bowie posters to metal records from my best friend Lady Starlight to Aunt Merle's hand-me-down emerald-green designer pumps were sprawled all over the floor about two feet from my bathroom and four inches from my George Foreman Grill."