Michael Sheen Promises 'Surprises' In 'Breaking Dawn'

'There are a couple of things that I think will draw gasps of breath from people,' he tells MTV News.

The most devoted of "Twilight" fans, specifically those who have read and re-read Stephenie Meyer's beloved four-book saga, could make a good argument that they already know everything about the two-part "Breaking Dawn" films. Not so, says actor Michael Sheen, who recently offered up the most tantalizing "Breaking Dawn" tease we've heard yet.

"There are things that for people who even know the books very, very well I think will be surprises," Sheen told MTV News as he promoted Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris." "Without giving too much away, there are things that stay very true to the book, but there are a couple of things that I think will draw gasps of breath from people," he teased.

"Without giving anything too much away, there are all the moments that you would hope in there and a few others that maybe people aren't expecting."

Surprises that will draw gasps of breath? Consider us intrigued.

Sheen has also hinted that his character, Aro, will be taking the villainy up a notch or two in the final two films.

"Hopefully it's a mixture of things," Sheen said when asked if Aro transitions to full-on bad guy or toes the line between good and bad. "He's much more of a presence than he was in 'New Moon.' He's such a wonderful character, and I hope that I've brought a variety of things to it, not just that he's the evil bad guy. I hope there's a whole mixture of things there."

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