'Bridesmaids' Stars Say Jon Hamm 'Embraced' Awkward Sex Scenes

'He's usually the guy you call for awkward sex scenes,' Maya Rudolph jokes to MTV News.

From the outside looking in, the new movie "Bridesmaids" has a lot going for it: An all-star cast of very funny women, anchored by "SNL" star Kristen Wiig and her onetime castmate Maya Rudolph, the universal and consistently humorous experience of being in weddings ... and Jon Hamm.

How does Hamm, known to most as "Mad Men" star Don Draper, fit into this mix of lovely ladies? He plays a sleazy "friend with benefits" to Wiig's character. Those "benefits," by the way, are hilariously awkward sex scenes that open the movie.

When MTV News caught up with the "Bridesmaids" cast, plus producer Judd Apatow and director Paul Feig, we asked them to comment on the use of handsome Jon Hamm for not-so-sexy sex.

"He's usually the guy you call for awkward sex scenes," Rudolph quipped.

"Judd met with him and told him about it; I talked to him and sent him the script," Wiig explained of getting Hamm aboard. "We were like, 'We're not quite sure what your character is going to be yet, it's not fully fleshed out yet,' and he was such a trouper and signed on. And then we were like, 'OK, now we're doing a sex scene!' " Wiig said with a giggle.

"I don't think I've ever seen somebody play such a slimy jerk but be like, 'Hey! It's cool!' " scene-stealer Melissa McCarthy said of Hamm's method of making a jerk impossible to hate. "It's the weirdest energy. It's so good and weird."

"All we know is that we want his sex to be as bad as ours," Apatow joked.

"We're trying to bring him down to our level, the handsomest man in the world," Feig added. "I'd worked with Jon before on 'Mad Men,' Kristen worked with him on 'SNL,' Judd knows him, we all know he's one of the funniest guys in the world, [and] he embraced this with such a gusto," he said. "The stuff we had him doing, we should be arrested."

"Most of the time we had no film; it was just for the ladies to take runs at him," Apatow continued, tongue-in-cheek.

"Mixing and matching, we like to say," Feig said. "Let's see who he goes best with."

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