'Glee'-Cap: Prom Episode Makes Our Hearts Explode

The big night's drama inspires a nostalgic 8-bit musical recap.

"Glee," if you were a video game, this was the week that we pressed "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start" before we tuned in. It was awesome, and it inspired us to go old-school Nintendo for this week's musical recap. Sing along!

Prom-ah, you always bring the drama.

No dresses for big mammas.

You can't just wear pajamas,

Mercedes is complaining!

While other girls campaigning,

Their motives re-arranging,

Keeping track is so draining.

Here we go ...

Artie wants Brit back so he tries Stevie Wonder.

She acts like he smoked crack, says "no" about the prom.

Jesse and Rachel sing, but Adele is a blunder.

Am I a bad fan if I'm getting sick of that song?

Kurt wants to wear a kilt to school.

His dad knows kids will be so cruel.

Blaine was beat up at a Sadie Hawkins dance.

[Nintendo game freezes. Jim blows in it. Puts it back in the system, "Glee"-cap resumes.]

At the prom, it's totally like "Carrie."

Instead of pigs blood, they pick Kurt as prom queen,

Bullied by all the kids is awful and so scary,

But his supposed friends could care less in the scene.

Oh, Quinn, you really wanted to win,

So bad that you ignore him,

When you should be all for him.

At least you gave Rachel a slap.

Can we just quickly play it back?

And LOL Rebecca Black,

And OMG Finn sneak attack.

Karofsky's still in hiding,

But in Kurt he's confiding,

And prom king he's presiding,

Although he's straight denying.

He then ditches the dance floor.

Don't want to be with Kurt no more,

But Kurt's got his one true amour.

I'm smiling so much I am sore.

It makes my heart go [8-bit grenade sound effect].


Well played, "Glee." Well played.