Jadakiss Promises 'More Joints For The Ladies' On I Love You

'Kiss tells MTV News his lady followers on Twitter helped inspire the May 24 retail mixtape.

Jadakiss' witty punch lines and raspy flow have made the rap veteran a fan favorite, and now the LOX frontman just wants to show his appreciation. On May 24, Kiss will drop his retail mixtape I Love You (A Dedication to My Fans) as a token of his gratitude.

MTV News caught up with J-to-the-mwah last week and got the exclusive from the Brooklyn set of Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group video for "600 Benz".

"We tell everybody 'I love you' — waiters, flight attendants," Kiss explained about the inspiration for the tape's title. "I just said, 'Yo I'm gonna name my next mixtape that, I Love You,' and make it a dedication to the fans."

When it comes to hip-hop mixtapes, Jada has made some of rap's most lauded with his The Champ Is Here trilogy. The first of the three dropped in 2004 and was filled with street-centered songs like "Games People Play" and "The Passion of Kiss." And while he promises I Love You will have material for the streets, Kiss said the new tape will be more a variation on what fans are used to getting from him.

"It's different than the Champ Is Here versions. It got some more feeling music on there. A few more joints for the ladies," Kiss said. "You know just some good ride-out music, you don't gotta touch it. I think it's 10 or 11 tracks — whatever it is, you can just let it rock, though. No tags on it; it's just all the way through good music. The Champ Is Here is its own entity. When I'm in Champ Is Here mode, that got its own brand. But this I Love You is just something I was feeling," Jada added about the project, which will be released on Def Jam.

'Kiss also credited his recent Twitter activity as a motivating factor for the new project. "I be on Twitter a little more now, I got a lot of lady followers. I just wanted to do something for them as well as my homeys," he explained. "My brothers in jail, my homeys in the street — I always got some stuff on there for them."

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