Lady Gaga's Judas Or Jesus: Who's Hotter?

We went straight to the video's leading men to get their thoughts.

In her video for "Judas," Lady Gaga is torn between two very different men: nice guy Jesus (played by Rick Gonzalez) and rebel Judas (played by Norman Reedus).

While no one really knows who she ends up picking (she is stoned to death in the end), the video has certainly brought some attention to the hotness of these two guys and their very different "Judas" characters.

For those who need a quick biblical lesson, Judas is one of the 12 apostles and later betrays Jesus. As seen in the video, his final act of betrayal is the kiss, which takes place in the Garden of Gethsemane after the Last Supper as a way of identifying him to the soldiers who have come to arrest Jesus.

When MTV News spoke to Reedus and Gonzalez last week, they weighed in on who they think makes for the hotter beau to Gaga's Mary Magdalene.

"Being that I'm Jesus, I have to answer that in the most selfless way and give the glory to Judas and say he's more handsome," Gonzalez explained. " 'Cause that is the right thing. That's what Jesus would do."

While Reedus plays a bad guy in the video, it seems that he has some Jesus-like qualities in real life. "Who's hotter — Jesus or Judas? Definitely Jesus," he said. "If you look closely, you can notice that Jesus' feet are much prettier than Judas' feet, so my vote's [for] Jesus. I definitely vote for Jesus."

Who gets your vote: Jesus or Judas? Let us know in the comments below!