Mr. Collipark Wants His Club Crown Back

'I feel the music scene right now in the clubs ain't what it need to be,' the Atlanta producer tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: Mr. Collipark

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Can I Have the Club Back Please

Real Spit: When it comes to the clubs, Mr. Collipark is VIP. The Atlanta producer built his rep crafting danceable hits for the Ying Yang Twins ("Shake"), Soulja Boy ("Soulja Girl") and David Banner ("Play"), though he's been quiet of late. But now he wants his spot back and he intends to take it with his latest mixtape, Can I Have the Club Back Please.

"Can I Have the Club Back Please is basically a mixtape to [address] where I feel the music scene right now in the clubs ain't what it need to be,' Collipark told Mixtape Daily. "I said I was gonna take it upon myself to get some veteran artists, as well as some up-and-coming artists like my man Lil Chuckee, and do the club music that we made famous and reintroduce it to this generation."

With Young Money's Lil Chuckee representing the new generation, Collipark reunited with Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins to give the vets a shot. "Now, about a year ago we got together and attempted to do some music and it came out pretty good," the Grammy-nominated producer said about his last run with Ying Yang. "For whatever reason, it didn't go like we wanted it to go; so we got back together when I said I was gonna do this mixtape and made a classic."

The Ying Yang-assisted "Boomerang," with its slapping 808 is a sure mixtape standout as is Bubba Sparxxx's "Ridiculous." With a track list full of dance-floor hits and trunk-rattlers, Collipark is confident he'll reclaim his crown as one of rap's club kings. "For spring break, for summertime, this will be the mixtape to have." Now dance.

Joints to Check For

» "Boomerang" - "One of the first records that we did for the mixtape was 'Boomerang' and basically what that is, is the reunion of myself and the Ying Yang Twins."

» "Did Ya Mama" - "So I reached out to my man Lil Chuckee and asked him if he would like to participate in what I was trying to do. Basically, he came up with some lyrics that was too much for the track that I sent him originally so I had to go back and make the track around his lyrics."

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