Consequence 'Disappointed' In Q-Tip's Public Beef With Tribe Documentary

'I was really disappointed in my cousin when he came up here and he had the email,' Cons tells MTV News of Tip's 'RapFix Live' appearance.

They say blood is thicker than water, but not even the blood bond Consequence shares with cousin Q-Tip would stop the Queens MC from expressing his displeasure to Sway on MTV News' "RapFix Live."

Before Consequence got down with Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music, he got his start as an affiliate of iconic hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest, appearing on four of the 15 tracks on the group's 1996 album Beats, Rhymes and Life. These days, Cons is on the outs with Q-Tip. He was critical of the way the ATCQ frontman aired out his grievances with Michael Rapaport's Tribe documentary "Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest."

"I was really disappointed in my cousin when he came up here and he had the email," Cons said of the email Q-Tip printed out and brought up to "RapFix Live" in March. The email, which was accidentally sent to Tip by one of the documentary's producers, indicated that there was a plan to cheat ATCQ out of getting producer credits on the film.

"Man, you're a superstar. What are you doing with a printout?" Consequence questioned. "That's what your lawyer is for. You gave us 'industry rule #4080.' We're still holding on to 4080," he said in reference to Q-Tip's 1991 "Check the Rhime" lyric "Industry rule #4080: Record-company people are shady."

"I don't want to see no scrolls. You Q-Tip. It's a vivrant thing, and if it's like that with Michael Rapaport, make it a violent thing," he continued to rant.

Ultimately, 'Quence seemed to be most critical of the way Q-Tip and the dissenting members of Tribe publicly handled their beef with Rapaport and the filmmakers. Consequence also questioned what all the dissention would ultimately do to A Tribe Called Quest's legacy. He pointed to the fact that the rap group was not on a unified front. On April 29, Phife Dawg appeared on "RapFix Live" and was in support of the film. "That's his legacy too," Cons said, referring to Phife. "And before y'all make a move, y'all gotta iron that out."

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