Lady Gaga's Stylist Captured 'Swagga' For 'Judas' Video

'Nicola Formichetti is the most brilliant man in fashion,' gushes Gaga's creative director, Laurieann Gibson.

On Thursday, after her "Judas" video premiered, Lady Gaga laughed off any controversy she might receive from the Biblical-themed clip. "In my opinion, the only controversial thing about this video is that I'm wearing Christian Lacroix and Chanel in the same frame," she joked with E! News.

The fashions featured in the "Judas" clip are certainly far from controversial. They are over-the-top, romantic, tough and truly couture. Gaga wears fanciful dresses, biker jackets, crowns, heavy crosses, flowing capes and Victorian-cut silhouettes, as seen in the video's final scene, where she dons a big, white wedding gown.

The designs were all styled by Gaga's longtime friend and Mugler creative director, Nicola Formichetti, who seamlessly combines old-fashioned garb and modern styling for a look that is truly unique to the world in which Gaga's Mary Magdalene character, her two loves (Jesus and Judas) and her apostles live.

The style credits for the video include designers at the top of any fashionista's list. With vintage Christian Lacroix (barroom outfit, wedding dress), Mugler (purple catsuit, gloves), Alexander McQueen (boots) and, yes, even the Haus of Gaga (cape, velvet undergarments), Gaga is really paying homage to the apostles of the fashion bible with her, at times, very literal (there are lots of crosses) take on Biblical fashion.

Laurieann Gibson, who co-directed "Judas" with Gaga, explains that Formichetti perfectly captured the look the two had envisioned for the video.

"Nicola Formichetti is the most brilliant man in fashion and I must tell you I love him and adore him," Gibsonshe told MTV News. "And, my God, the clothing! The idea when we spoke [we told him], 'Nicola, it's a metal gospel.' You know, for me, Nicola is just brilliant at executing what it looks like in the clothing and the swagga to make everyone look so cool, he did a great job."

When the "Born This Way" video dropped earlier this year, Gibson expressed similar warm, fuzzy feelings for one of the most vital members of the Haus of Gaga. "We found Nicola and he just got it. So when we're on set, the Haus is such a collaboration, and Nicola is inspired and loves the passion of the dance," she said. "He is fashion, and him and Gaga together are magic. To see them push and pull, it's just a real process. It's like the Factory. It's very [Andy] Warhol how we operate."

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