Jennifer Lopez Gets 'On The Floor' On 'American Idol'

Pitbull joins 'Idol' judge as she shows superstar hopefuls how it's done.

James Durbin has had some elaborate production cues this season on "American Idol" — flaming pianos, tag-along marching bands — but "Idol" judge Jennifer Lopez showed the young singer a thing or two about big-time TV performances on Thursday's (May 5) results episode.

Lopez smashed two dancers out of glass cases, performed on a platform as it rose from the stage and dropped to the floor in a complex choreographed dance routine while performing her RedOne-produced single "On the Floor." She was joined by Miami rapper Pitbull, who first emerged from the crowd and later appeared onstage and via the mobile staircase at the back of the "Idol" set.

Wearing a glimmering ensemble that included a revealing top and what looked like modified Hammer pants (they were tight on the legs and baggy in the middle), J.Lo worked the stage while lasers shot around the studio and bursts of pyro erupted around her. The performance was timed to coincide with her new album Love?, which hit stores this week and as of Thursday night was #6 on the iTunes albums chart.

Earlier this week, Lopez teased the performance to MTV News. "You can expect some fun; I don't want to give away too much. But you know we're gonna go out there, we're gonna do our thing," she told us on Tuesday. "It's going to be a lot of fun. I don't even want to tell you what song we're doing, I just want you to watch."

Although every effort was made to present the performance as if it were live — following the song, Lopez was absent from the judges' table, and host Ryan Seacrest explained she was backstage changing her clothes — some sloppy editing (namely a safety bar on the riser that continuously appeared and disappeared throughout the performance) made it apparent the routine was taped in advance of the episode.

Also on Thursday's show, a 45-second teaser of Lopez's "I'm Into You" video was shown. The beach-set clip shows Lopez frolicking on the beach with a muscle-bound beau (Cuban actor William Levy) and later performing inside what appears to be a Mayan pyramid. While Lil Wayne is featured on the song, he was not shown in the video tease.

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