Lady Gaga 'Judas' Video 'Fulfills Our Vision,' Laurieann Gibson Says

New clip shows 'who she is, how many levels she can go,' clip's co-director tells MTV News.

By now Lady Gaga's Little Monsters have had their ferocious appetites satisfied with the premiere of the pop star's new video for "Judas" — whether they caught the leaked "Judas" online or waited for the full seven-minute version that premiered on E! Thursday night (May 5).

Up until its debut, the clip's co-director, Laurieann Gibson, has had to remain pretty tight-lipped about the top-secret project. That is, until now. MTV News sat down with the choreographer-turned-director, who was finally able to spill the beans on the highly anticipated video.

"With 'Judas,' I'm so happy," Gibson, beaming with pride, told us on Thursday afternoon. "Because as her choreographer and her creative director, and then collaborating with 'Judas,' I was able to sit in the director's seat and fulfill our vision and see it all the way through. So at the end of the day, you saw how amazing she looks — beautiful — she's dancing again. And it's just great because I was able to produce the next level: who she is, how many levels she can go and the idea that this artist is a real artist and capable."

Gibson was referring to reservations that she'd had about Gaga's "Born This Way" video, which didn't go creatively as far as she wanted. For "Judas," Gibson was able to take a more hands-on approach, which included choosing among several concepts.

"I think the concept stuck with this one because, ultimately, there was a place where we wanted to leave the interpretation up to each individual and not take away [Gaga's] power as a performer, as a dancer, as a star," Gibson explained. "And to leave the moments for you to interpret and be inspired by the fact that everyone has a Judas in their life and that there is a place of deliverance. For me, I interpret differently than her, and for someone else, they'll interpret it differently.

"But as the director, I was really excited about filling the frame, using the Phantom [camera], creating a different dynamic in the way we approached the shots; never stop moving the lens, never lock off, complementing her with the way she moves, making it graceful when she's strong in her movement," she continued.

For die-hard fans curious about the video's story line, Gibson clued us in on one particular scene.

"In the marketplace, if you noticed, it was supposed to be a rock concert," she revealed. "And if you look closely ... I took the inspiration from, you know, in New York, when they're building a new building and they have the scaffolding — that's where that inspiration came from. Jesus would eventually arrive to perform at a rock concert, and so it has that town circle and they're about to perform."

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