Simon Cowell Ascends British Music Rich List

'X Factor' boss is reportedly worth $330 million.

It's no secret that former "American Idol" meanie Simon Cowell has a healthy ego. OK, let's call it massive, just for argument's sake. Well, thanks to his many irons in the media fire, Cowell now has a huge bank account as well.

Cowell leaped into the #6 spot on the British list of richest music personalities in 2011 after his personal fortune swelled to $330 million, according to a Reuters report.

His jump up from #11 last year vaulted him past such British rock icons as Elton John ($322 million) and Rolling Stones leader Mick Jagger ($313 million).

Cowell's fortune is a result of his work as record label head, his eight-figure salary on "Idol" and boss of the entertainment company Syco, which will oversee the launch of his "X Factor" reality singing show in the U.S. in the fall. He is also behind the careers of singing sensations Susan Boyle and Il Divo and the "Britain's Got Talent" franchise, which has also been copied in the U.S.

Despite his climb on the list, Cowell is still way behind his longtime rival and "Idol" creator, producer Simon Fuller, who was in the #5 position on the list with a personal wealth of $619 million.

Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards is at #10 with $289 million, with former Police singer Sting just ahead with $297 million and ex-Beatle Paul McCartney at #4 with a regal $817 million. The list is topped by former Zomba Records head Clive Calder, who is worth an estimated $2.1 billion, and at #2, composer Andrew Lloyd Webber ($1.1 billion).