'Breaking Dawn' Star Michael Sheen Teases 'Extraordinary' Battle Scene

'We spent something like four or five weeks shooting that scene,' he tells MTV News.

For the die-hard "Twilight" fans out there that have devoured and dissected Stephenie Meyer's four-book saga over and over again, it can be difficult to get them to admit any flaws in the author's beloved tomes. However, one common discussion topic that comes up frequently is the ending to "Breaking Dawn."

Without delving too deeply into details, or spoilers, for that matter, the last half of "Dawn" teases readers with the possibility of an epic vampire-on-vampire battle. And then — again, without giving too much away — the battle that occurs is not so much epic ... as anticlimactic.

When MTV News caught up with Michael Sheen as he promoted his upcoming ensemble Woody Allen film, "Midnight in Paris," we asked whether the movie will mirror the book or if things have been amped up for the big-screen adaptation.

"Oh this is very amped up, yeah," Sheen revealed. "This is, I think we spent something like four or five weeks shooting that scene and it takes up a big chunk of the movie," he added. "And it's got extraordinary things going on in it, so it certainly won't be anticlimactic."

Sheen's comments will hopefully be music to the ears of "Twilight" fans hoping for some actual action in those big final sequences, and they fall in line with the bits and pieces of information we've derived from other castmembers. Peter Facinelli told us a few months ago that he'd been doing some intense scene work with "a lot of vampires."

"I don't want to give away too much, but if you've read the books, it's the standoff with lots of vampires in play," he said. "There's like 70 people going through the works at once. It's a little maddening, but fun."

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