Nick Jonas Says Writing 'One Day' For Charice Was 'Organic'

Youngest JoBro also discusses possibility of following in Charice's footsteps by guest-starring on 'Glee.'

Nick Jonas has always been somewhat of a prodigy. So it's no surprise that he is spending his time away from the Jonas Brothers crafting tracks for other pop singers. And the track he wrote for Charice, "One Day," which recently premiered in an Acuvue commercial during an episode of "Glee," shows Jonas' ability to branch out and write for other singers' voices.

"I co-wrote the song while I was in Nashville, and it's a cool song," Jonas told MTV News. "Basically, the agency came and said, 'Hey we need a song with this lyric ['one day'] and if you could, find a way to craft it.' It was a really organic vibe that came from the songwriting session where we said, 'If we can infuse this word here, that'd be cool.' "

Nick took the task to heart and managed to write a funky, midtempo feel-good track. "The song just came to life then [and] working with Charice was amazing," he said. "I flew to Boston to produce the song for her, and she was shooting a movie there, so it was kind of a fun experience. We had a great time."

"The main thing about Charice that people really connect to ... and kind of really love about her, is the fact that she is a normal girl and really shines because of her vocal talent," he continued. "I was so blessed to produce her vocal. It's amazing to see this big voice come out of her, especially on the song we did."

The song was written as apart of the Acuvue campaign, but Nick says it's about more than just contact lenses. "It's a great campaign," he explained. "It's about following your dreams."

And since Charice occasionally guest-stars on "Glee" and the song premiered during an airing of the show, we asked Nick if he's considered getting his Gleek on. "Definitely a fan of the show. I think anything that keeps music a part of popular culture is a great thing," he said. "As a music lover, I'm a big fan of it, especially because all of the songs are classics and I know a lot of the people that produce the music for that show and I think they do a great job. So if there was a role for me that they thought would be cool, I'd love to do it."