Selena Gomez Producer Weighs In On Britney Spears Songwriting Rumors

Kevin Rudolf says the work he's doing on Gomez's new album 'has nothing to do with Britney.'

Last week, "Round and Round" producer Kevin Rudolf was quoted as praising not one but three tracks Britney Spears reportedly penned for Selena Gomez's new album. But when MTV News spoke to Rudolf recently, he denied knowing anything about the tracks Britney wrote for Gomez.

"I honestly don't know anything about it," he said. "I never said that ... I don't know. I didn't hear anything about it. I'm doing some stuff for it [Gomez's album], but it has nothing to do with Britney," he said.

Well, with that rumor cleared up, he went on to describe what he and Gomez are actually up to in the studio, which includes writing "a great song. As far as the new stuff goes, it's about trying to write a great song and hope it's something she connects with, really. It's not that deep. It's really hard to guess where people are in their lives, and I don't try to do that. If I'm writing for someone, I get a sense of what they're about and then I do what I would do," he explained. "I think it's gonna honestly be more straight, not straight dance, but straight pop; hopefully really great songs."

Once Rudolf wraps up work with Gomez, he has some other big projects up his sleeve. "I'm working on a lot of new stuff. I'm really excited about another album of my own that I'm working on. I think I get typecast outside of the producer world as rock/rap, the Cash Money thing or with Wayne on the track. It's really not what I'm about at all. It's one side of me that came out in the beginning," he said. "I really want to use this album to transform people's visions of myself ... more organic, more heartfelt."

Rudolf also teased about helping out Wayne on his forthcoming Tha Carter IV album. "I mean it's awesome [that Wayne's back]. The thing about Wayne is he's been the most supportive person at Cash Money. He's really on my side and he's just really backed me up since day one. And I really appreciate him for that," he said. "Obviously, Baby and Slim found me there and they kind of, I guess, discovered me, but Wayne always wanted to get on the tracks and always wants me to bring him stuff. ... We're working on some stuff for Tha Carter IV and it's all good stuff."