Soulja Boy Talks Channeling Tupac In Juice For New Movement

'This mixtape is called Juice. I'm giving the people what they want,' SB tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: Soulja Boy

Representing: Atlanta

Mixtape: Juice

Real Spit: Soulja Boy's got the juice now. At least, according to his latest mixtape, he does. SB channeled the energy of Tupac and used it to fuel Juice, his DJ Scream and DJ Swamp Izzo-helmed project. Inspired by Shakur's 1992 film of the same name, Soulja says he's simply feeding the people.

"This mixtape is called Juice. I'm giving the people what they want, giving the people what they need," he told Mixtape Daily.

While the tape's cover is a recreation of the original "Juice" movie poster — with SB posing as 'Pac — the tape's first single and title track, is no throwback. Kinetic synths, buoyant 808s and slow-prodding drums drive "Juice," as Soulja delivers a repetitive hook that screams 2011.

Following suit is the bright and airy "That Right," featuring Diamond. On the track, SB and his new love interest both rap Auto-Tuned bars, bragging about their cash and all of the trappings that the rap game brings. In fact, SB's bank account comes up quite often on the tape. "Shawty Got Racks" is another ode to cash, while "Money Gang Anthem" borrows Wiz Khalifa and Lex Luger's "Taylor Gang" instrumental. "Racks" is an SB take on YC's latest single, and "Rich Hoe," featuring Lil B, continues the trend.

With an accompanying "Juice" film on the way from Soulja's camp, the rapper aims to take the entire theme and brand it just as he did with his Crank That dance and swag trend. "I already killed the people with the Swag movement," he said. "We finna turn it into the Juice movement."

Joints to Check For

» "Juice" - "This the single to set the tone for the whole mixtape for the streets and where we goin' with it this summer and that's what it is," SB said.

» "Zan & Lean" - "I just wanted to give people some promo of the tape right before we dropped it. [Wanted] to give a preview of a song. Turn it up when you hear it, 'We Juice. Let's go!"

» "That Right." - "Produced by my man, new artist Cash; SODMG. It's featuring Diamond, another ATL rapper. Y'all gotta check this out. This right here is goin' hard."

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