'Avengers' Star Tom Hiddleston Hints At Loki's Villainous 'Ways And Means'

'I read it and my mind exploded,' 'Thor' star says of Joss Whedon's top-secret script.

As anyone who's been following the ever-growing excitement surrounding Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" well knows, the nitty-gritty details of the film are hard to come by these days. Aside from the film's superstar casthttp://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1644385/avengers-cast-exact-crew-i-wanted-joss-whedon.jhtml, and the fact that filming began last week, there hasn't been too much to report.

Recently, MTV News managed to get a few teasers from future "Avengers" Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, who hinted at "tension" among the ego-centric superheroes and some shiny new costumes. And now, thanks to an intriguing conversation had with Tom Hiddleston during the "Thor" press day over the weekend, we've gained some serious "Avengers" insight — from the security measures taken with the scripts, to who will likely be playing the sole villain in the film.

"It's like 'Mission: Impossible,' " Hiddleston joked about receiving the script. "It was delivered to me at my flat in London, and I sat down and I read it and my mind exploded," he said. "It is so good and so fun, and so huge, what Joss Whedon has already done, that screenplay is an achievement in itself."

Hiddleston said that he was so excited when he heard the news — that his mischievous "Thor" character, Loki, would indeed be a part of "Avengers," he nearly fell off his chair.

"The thing is, you want to call all your friends and tell them, but that's when the red dot appears on your forehead and your life is over," he joked of the extreme parameters set to keep the actors from revealing anything. "So, I had to just do a Loki dance in my flat, that's how it went down."

With regard to the "tension" that Hiddleston's onscreen brother Hemsworth (a.k.a. Thor) alluded to, the actor hinted that there will be far more tension between Loki and the Avengers.

"Let's say it's going to take more than Loki's hunky brother to take him down this time," Hiddleston said with a laugh.

He's also excited about the prospect of facing off against eight different "enemies," so to speak.

"The characters are so different. That's part of the joy of 'The Avengers,' I think," he said. "You bring all the people, you bring nuclear scientists and gods, and gamma-ray [scientists] and a super soldier from the1940s, so the skill sets are different, and I guess they're all a match for Loki in different ways."

We then asked Hiddleston if he felt the eight-against-one odds felt like a lot to take on.

"I guess so, but, you know, he has ways and means," he said slyly.

Can we assume he probably knows how to unite with other people and has a good network?

"This is where I can feel the red dot forming [on my forehead], so I'm just going to have to shut up," Hiddleston joked, stopping himself before he revealed any spoilers that might get him in trouble.

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