'Prom' Stars Suggest 'Elaborate' Ways To Get A Date For The Dance

'I like it where people ask in a way where it's unique to that person you're asking,' Kylie Bunbury tells MTV News.

For those who are in high school, or maybe work at one, the release of Disney's sweet and wholesome "Prom" movie kicks off that heavily hyped season of dress shopping, date anxiety and general excitement that surrounds one of America's most storied traditions.

When MTV News caught up with the film's stars, we asked them to discuss the challenging task of asking someone to prom and what should be done in order to get a prospective date to say "yes."

"An elaborate way," Janelle Ortiz said. "I think it has to be an elaborate way, because you're going to remember prom for the rest of your life."

"It's got to be creative," Joe Adler added. "Throw some effort on it."

"Exactly, you don't want it to be some stupid little flower: Go big or go home," Ortiz said.

"I like it where people ask in a way where it's unique to that person you're asking," Kylie Bunbury explained. "One of my friends, she was a softball player, and the boy wrote 'prom' on softballs and wrapped them around her car or something like that."

"[I like] the way his character asks my character," Yin Chang told us of co-star Jared Kusnitz, who plays Chang's long-term boyfriend in the film. "He got big posters of each letter and had a little speech for each letter."

"At the end of my speech, a spotlight shines down, and I'm holding a question mark," Kusnitz continued. "Very simple. Silence says it all."

"I think just be creative," Danielle Campbell advised, reiterating the thoughts addressed by her co-stars. "Know the girl you're asking. There are a lot of cool ways people ask in the movie. You can definitely steal an idea from there or create your own. We probably raise the standards with the movie," she said. "Be creative, and hopefully she'll say yes."

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