B.o.B Says His Odd Future Dis Song Wasn't 'That Serious'

'You feel flattered,' B.o.B tells Sway about Tyler, the Creator's lyrical swipe.

It isn't all #1 singles and catchy melodies with B.o.B; sometimes the Atlanta MC just wants to rap!

After being called out by [artist id="3850758"]Odd Future's[/artist] Tyler, the Creator on his breakout single "Yonkers," [artist id="3238990"]Bobby Ray[/artist] was motivated to get in the booth and fire back. "I remember when I made that, I was in my basement," the Grammy-nominated rapper told Sway. "I was like, 'You know what, man? I just wanna rap.' So I just threw together a beat and we just leaked it and put it out there."

On "Yonkers," Tyler raps, "I'll crash that f---ing airplane that that f----t n---a Bob is in/ And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus." The ATL MC fired back on the OFWGKTA dis song "No Future" in late March. "Keep f---ing with me, you ain't gon' have no future," B.o.B rapped.

Tyler addressed the track via Twitter: "I don't think the 'No Future' song is even a diss. But I've never heard him spit like that. Took me by surprise, cus it's tight."

B.o.B also downplayed the beef. "You feel flattered. I didn't take it as a dis at all. I think in the hip-hop world, the more that we accept competition ... " Bob told Sway before coming to his point. "Listen, you cannot accept competition and still be competitive.

"It's when you lose, when you're on the losing end, that's when it gets serious and escalated," he said. "But I think it wasn't really anything that serious."

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