Wiz Khalifa Plays Bamboozle Fest, Denies Feud With Kanye

'It's fun to talk about it and make jokes about, but in all reality, that didn't even exist,' Wiz tells us about alleged altercation.

EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey — [artist id="2427571"]Wiz Khalifa[/artist] is riding high — pun not intended, even though it kind of works — off the success of his debut album, "Rolling Papers," and a stage show that is quickly garnering a lot of praise. But Wiz can't seem to escape the gossip that doggedly follows him and girlfriend Amber Rose around.

Rumor has it that Wiz confronted Kanye West over a jab West took at Rose during his show-stealing set at Coachella. During his performance of "Stronger," West slightly altered the lyrics from "I'll do anything for a blonde dike and she'll do anything for the limelight/ We'll do anything when the time's right" to "I did anything for a blonde dike and she did anything for the limelight/ And we did anything when the time's right."

An altercation allegedly occurred after West's performance, but when MTV News caught up with Wiz before his set at this weekend's Bamboozle Festival, he said the entire backstage incident was fabricated.

"I did my set and we hung around for a bit, but we weren't even there when fam was onstage," Wiz said. "Somebody made that up. I think they just wanted it to be that type of situation or they wanted to see something go down. It's fun to talk about it and make jokes about, but in all reality, that didn't even exist."

Wiz said he did hear Kanye's lyrics though. He thought it was a low moment, that many people who look up to West may have been turned off by his lyrical alteration. He harbors no ill will, however.

"It is what it is, and I'm doing my business and she's doing her business and he's doing his business and that's what it is. I'm all about positivity and I'm going to keep it that way."

Wiz kept things moving, co-headlining Bamboozle Friday night along with 30 Seconds to Mars. Wiz is currently on the College Consciousness Tour with fellow Steel City native Mac Miller, and he plans to head out with the Motor City's own Big Sean next month for the Rolling Papers tour. But he's happy to perform wherever his fans — or soon-to-be-fans — may be.

"I think my crowd, they kind of just go everywhere and wherever I'm at. I kind of just entertain them as well as make new fans. Some of the people that come to my shows, they just know me for one or two songs, so even the people that don't know me at all at shows like Bamboozle, I get to make them new fans."