Ja Rule Promises To End Twitter War With 50 Cent

'It's not important to me anymore,' Rule tells Sway on 'RapFix Live.'

When it comes to hip-hop beefs, the one between Queens rappers [artist id="508987"]Ja Rule[/artist] and [artist id="860639"]50 Cent[/artist] will go down as one of the biggest and most violent.

Though the feud has been mostly dormant for some years, 50 and Ja have gone tit for tat over Twitter, volleying barbs back and forth. Most recently, on March 23, 50 ridiculed Ja after news broke that Rule pleaded guilty to tax evasion. "I wouldn't expect anything different from a ho ass n---a like @50cent," Ja tweeted back.

On Wednesday's "RapFix Live," the former Murder Inc. MC told Sway he will no longer indulge in Twitter beef with the G-Unit General.

"Sway, I promise you, he can get on Twitter right now and say, 'Ja you bitch ass n---a,' and I'm gonna say, 'Good for you, young man. I wish you well,' " Ja said.

In addition to swearing off online disses, the "Put It on Me" rapper said while he doesn't regret being involved in a beef with 50, if he had the chance, he wouldn't have involved others like Game, Dr. Dre, Eminem and Lloyd Banks in his war. "I think a lot of people got wrapped up in my and 50's whole nonsense," Rule said. "For that, I would've done that differently, maybe. My beef was with one dude; I'mma keep it with that dude. I'm not gonna drag in this person and that person."

Overall, Ja said he's over the beef: "Those old feelings are gonna bring back more old emotions and more old feelings. "It's not important to me anymore."

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