'Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Part 2' Trailer: Experts Weigh In!

'I was excited that they gave away so much,' MTV News' Terri Schwartz says.

Christmas came early for "Harry Potter" fans when the "Deathly Hallows, Part 2" trailer debuted Wednesday night.

Since we're fellow fans, MTV News wants to know what people think! Therefore, we sought out a few experts to chat about what they loved about the "Hallows, Part 2" sneak peek. (Also, for those who haven't read J.K. Rowling's epic final "Potter" book, beware of spoilers below!)

"I was excited that they gave away so much in the trailer," MTV News' own Terri Schwartz said. "Or at least so many little tidbits that fans will really get excited over."

"[My] overall impressions: very cool," MuggleNet's Andrew Sims told us. "One of the things that fans were looking forward to was the final battle, and they got a lot of it in this trailer."

"There were some characters in there that I was surprised they showed," Schwartz added. "They show us Molly Weasley in action, which is really great. We also see the statues in Hogwarts come to life to defend the castle."

"I'm surprised that they included a shot of Remus and Tonks," the Leaky Cauldron's Melissa Anelli said. "Because from all reports, that might be the entirety of Remus and Tonks. I'm really surprised they showed Snape at Godrick's Hollow. Really surprised by that; it's a huge spoiler."

Julia Hodges, webmaster of DanRadcliffe.com and RupertGrint.net, said she was excited to see a few fire-breathing dragons onscreen. "I think that's an important part of the series, because you see all these mystical creatures throughout the books and movies, but you've never seen anything of that magnitude."

In addition to the moments lifted directly from Rowling's book to the screen, our panel of "Potter" enthusiasts mentioned a few seemingly new scenes that appeared in the trailer.

"I'm unsure about [the scene that shows] Harry and Voldemort sort of hugging and then falling off a cliff," Sims said. "It's not in the books, so people were concerned what's happening there, what's going on."

"Obviously, it's not the same as the book; it shouldn't be the same," Anelli countered. "There are key differences to [the movie] that I'm sure fans will be fighting about until the end of time."

What did you think of the trailer? Too spoilery or just the right amount of plot teases? Tell us in the comments!

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