James Durbin Rocks ‘American Idol’ Memorabilia On eBay

Scotty McCreery and Casey Abrams also inspire crafty fans.

It’s that time of year when we make a completely arbitrary judgment on which “American Idol” finalists might end up in the winner’s circle based on the profusion of weird junk being offered for sale under their name on eBay.

Unlike the truly bizarre homemade fan stuff we’ve seen in the past honoring Adam Lambert and Jason Castro , most of the top six remaining on season 10 have failed to garner the same level of crafty goodness in their followers.

As his status has slowly risen on the show, though, and he appears headed for a possible spot in the finale, rocker James Durbin has clearly laid the smackdown on the competition when it comes to eBay action.

You’ve got your href="http://cgi.ebay.com/James-Durbin-Rock-Star-T-Shirt-/120703080996?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&var=&hash=item61cb90f76d#ht_1024wt_916" target="_blank">“James Durbin is a Rock Star” T-shirt, with the word “rock” in blood red and the “O” replaced by a guitar. There are other assorted, more-generic shirts among the two dozen mementos on the auction site.

There’s also rookie trading cards, mouse pads and autographed photos, along with devil horn-rocking “Team Durbin” shirts for guys and ladies, a handcrafted target="_blank">silver-tone cross earring (mimicking one of Durbin’s favorite pieces of jewelry), as well as a keychain/button/pin combo for $4.49, and, yes, what appears to be the new ubiquitous finalist ephemera: the “I Love [insert finalist name here]” bottlecap earrings.

Though some are related to the MLB player of the same name, there are a not-so-impressive 18 items in honor of bearded heartthrob Casey Abrams — among them a few T-shirts, one of which reads “Fear the Beard” and another “Casey Abrams is my Homeboy.”

There are also rookie baseball-like trading cards, earrings, autographed photos, bracelets, necklaces, mouse pads and, strangely, white athletic socks with Casey’s smiling face on them.

Country teen Scotty McCreery was a bit further behind with 14 items, including badges, earrings and necklaces with his smiling mug, T-shirts, tote bags, personalized backpacks, buttons, iron-ons and target="_blank">rubber bracelets.

It’s perhaps telling, given his likely imminent departure, that Jacob Lusk’s page had only six items, including a bottle-cap necklace, a rookie baseball card, T-shirts, mouse pads and, like all the finalists, a rubber bracelet, which in his case reads, “Jacob Lusk is My Idol.”

Teen Lauren Alaina and fellow female singer Haley Reinhart also had just about half-a-dozen goodies for sale, mostly generic T-shirts, color photos, necklaces and the “My Idol” bracelet.

We’re not saying the “eBay Index” is a sure-fire predictor of success on the show, but at the very least, past seasons have proven that the more junk you inspire from your fans, the more likely you are to stick around until the bitter end.

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