Justin Bieber, Amy Poehler Breakout Stars At Time 100 Gala

'Parks and Recreation' co-star Aziz Ansari calls Poehler 'tremendously talented and really a leader in her field.'

Although names like Bruno Mars and Oprah Winfrey made the final cut on this year's Time 100 list of the world's most-influential people, among the celebs MTV News spoke to at the ritzy black-tie gala in New York on Tuesday night, all the talk was about Justin Bieber and "Parks and Recreation" funny lady Amy Poehler.

La La Vazquez, with hubby Carmelo Anthony, by her side, said, "Justin Bieber actually loves 'Melo. They're still waiting to have a one-on-one basketball competition so maybe we can make that happen this summer." She continued, "I think it's an honor to be included in such an elite group and be invited to come celebrate. When I heard we got invited, I was like, 'Oh yes, we are going to this event tonight.' "

The Roots' drummer, Questlove, said he totally understands why the Biebs made the list. "I'm excited to see everybody tonight," he said. "I'm very humble to be here. It's too many to mention. I drummed with Bieber before. I think that there might have been a question to why he was included, but it's obvious this is a person that went from YouTube sensation to viral sensation to international superstar — that's gonna be the next level of celebrity."

Leave it to Poehler's "Parks and Rec" co-star Aziz Ansari to write in his own candidate. Asked whether he prefers Bieber or South Korean pop star turned actor Rain, who also made the list, Ansari joked, "I don't know who either of those people are." Adding, "The most influential person to me is probably Waka Flocka Flame. He's on the list, right? I'm pretty sure he was on there."

All jokes aside, Ansari had only love for Poehler. calling her a "very inspirational person; tremendously talented and really a leader in her field."

Poehler's former "Saturday Night Live" co-star Seth Meyers also had tons of love for her. "For me personally, Amy Poehler's the most influential on the list," he said. "I certainly wouldn't be invited to this without Amy Poehler, so that's a big step. Mostly just like providing coattails for me to ride on for years," he joked. "That's pretty key; that influenced me a lot."

About Bieber, Meyers later added: "I quote him a lot. I say 'Baby, baby, baby' a lot more than I used to. I work in a maternity ward in my off-time."

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