Papoose Ready For 'Round Two' With 2nd Coming Mixtape

'I got a lot more to offer the game than what I had back then,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artist: Papoose

Representing: Brooklyn, NY

Mixtape: The 2nd Coming

Real Spit: For those wondering what Papoose has been up to, here is your answer. Mixtape Daily caught up with the Brooklyn wordsmith recently at Gleason's Gym. While the BK institution is where boxers go to train and sharpen their knuckle game, Pap is back with a new mixtape (#24, by his count) that he insists will let heads know his verbal jabs are still sharp.

"The reason why I called the mixtape The 2nd Coming is because when I first came in the scene, I shook the ground, I had the whole industry petrified, I took a million-plus," Pap told Mixtape Daily, referring to the reportedly million-dollar recording deal he signed with Jive Records back in 2006. "This time I'm coming back, it's going to be even worse. Y'all know what I did before. See what I did; now, round two."

Despite the blockbuster record deal, the Most Lyrical One has yet to release his debut album, The Nacirema Dream. According to the rapper — who is married to incarcerated MC Remy Ma — he was able to walk away from Jive in 2007 with his money and his masters, so after some career ups and downs, his album really is on the way. Until then, The 2nd Coming is hosted by his longtime supporter DJ Kay Slay and features appearances from Busta Rhymes, Sheek Louch, Gudda Gudda, Karina Bradley, Raekwon and Tony Yayo as well as his Thugacation crew.

"I feel like l'm more mature now and I got a lot more to offer the game than what I had back then," Pap said. "So I'm glad my album didn't come. Now with my album coming out, I think I'm well-prepared. This mixtape will really show a first-time listener what hip-hop represents."

Joints to Check For

» "6 Foot 7 Freestyle." "It's just me in rare form, going in, doing what I'm doing," Papoose explained. "The beat is inspirational. It's just one of them beats that make you say, 'Damn, I want to rap on that beat.' I think it's an inspirational track, so I had to hop on it and show 'em what I'm bringing to the table."

» "I Don't Eat No Ham." "You know, Jay-Z and Kanye had the record 'I'm about to go H.A.M.,' but you know me, I got knowledge of self, I don't eat no ham. So that title is 'No Ham,' I'm going in."

» "Last Man Standing." "The Gudda Gudda collab happened through a mutual friend," Papoose explained. "Basically he reached out to me and told me Gudda respect what I'm doing, I let him know vice versa, I respect his music. Me and Gudda got on the phone, chopped it up, and we came out with the joint. Shout out to the whole Young Money on that. We just basically expressing what it feels like to be the last man standing. The cats who came up with me they not here no more or either they crossed over and doing something totally wack. I feel like I'm the last man standing that represent that real hardcore lyrical hip-hop."

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