Audrina Patridge Teases A 'Surprise' In Sunday's Episode

'Somebody shows up randomly,' she tells MTV News about new VH1 show.

Last week, fans got to know a bit more about Audrina Patridge and her zany family when her VH1 reality show "Audrina" debuted. And if you thought her family dynamic was surprising, then you'll have to see what she has in store this week.

"Yes, the second episode! And mind you, every episode is so exciting there's never a dull moment," she teased to MTV News. "That's what's so amazing. But the second episode ... my parents' 26th wedding anniversary was coming up, so it's gonna be about that and us coming together to throw them a party. And there's a surprise at the end of the episode."

What kind of a surprise? "It's a person surprise, so somebody surprises me," she added. "At the end of the second episode, there is a surprise; somebody shows up randomly."

The episode will be surprising to fans who think they really know the star. You see there's more to Audrina than "The Hills" could have ever showed. "I really think on 'The Hills,' it was more about the friends, my Hollywood friends," she said. "It was about a group of people who were living in Hollywood and ran in the same crowd and we were all dating each other and fighting [and] just going back and forth.

"And now it's more about everything that people didn't get to see," she continued. "I'm really letting them see, especially my life and my point of view and my family and the career side of it."

Who do you think surprises Audrina? Share your guesses in the comments!