'Bang Bang Club' Stars Talk Meeting Their Real-Life Inspirations

'It was very tough for them,' Taylor Kitsch says of photojournalists reliving their pasts.

New film "The Bang Bang Club" revolves around the real-life story of four combat photographers — Greg Marinovich, Joao Silva, Kevin Carter and Ken Oosterbroek — who risked their lives to capture the brutality and violence around the first free elections in post-apartheid South Africa in the early '90s.

Taylor Kitsch and Ryan Philippe star as two of the photographers, along with Malin Akerman as Robin Comley, their conflicted newspaper photo editor. When MTV News caught up with Kitsch and Akerman recently, we discussed the topical nature of the film, as well as the emotional aspect involved in meeting the real-life inspirations for the characters they portrayed.

"When I first met Greg Marinovich, that was a big one for me, and Joao — obviously playing someone that has taken their own life, it hurts them a lot too," Kitsch explained of portraying Carter. "It wasn't that long ago, and obviously these guys went through a lot more than what I have with my best friends. Asking them to talk about that was very hard for them. It turned into quite — it was very tough for them."

Akerman's meeting with the woman who inspired her character was equally emotionally charged.

"I was lucky to have met Robin Comley," she said. "She's a fantastic woman, and she actually came to set one day — she tried coming to set and saw some of the characters in costume, and she just lost it. She couldn't even deal. Like Taylor said, these people, it was like family, so for them to go through this and relive it, I was actually surprised that Greg and Joao were on set pretty much every day reliving everything."

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