'American Idol' In 60 Seconds: Stefano Says Goodbye To James

This week, we may have witnessed the start of a beautiful friendship.

On this week's "American Idol" the bottom six reminded us why we didn't vote for them. And then the top seven tackled songs from the 21st century and ironically, season 10 staple will.i.am was nowhere to be found. Here's what else we noticed in this week's "American Idol" in 60 Seconds:

Casey and James proved they could be current pop stars by singing terribly and surrounding themselves with a whole lot of distracting bullsh--.

But my favorite was Haley. She can do no wrong.

[Clip of Haley going sharp as she sings the word "deeeep" in the chorus. ]

Except that note.

And then there was Jacob, who heard crap in his ear. And then we heard crap in our ears.

[Clip of J.Lo telling Jacob, "It's hard to perform when a song means that much to you."]

You speak from experience, J.Lo? Wow, those most have been some amazing Louboutins.

On Thursday night's results show ... [Group sings "Hey Soul Sister."]

Oh, hell no!

[Katy Perry singing "E.T."]


And then David Cook came back to pimp out his mom and debut his new hair. I mean, single. (No, I mean hair.)

[Clip of Stefano and James Durbin bro-ing out.]

Awww, look they're friends!

[Clip of James giving Stefano a massage.]

Close friends!

[Stefano is eliminated, James Durbin is devastated.]

Really close friends!

[James tackles and lifts Stefano at the end of his farewell performance.]

Oh, girl, they're definitely .


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